COVID-19 - Measures for the Safe Return of Spa Guests

Visit Britain Covid-19 accreditation

We have followed the government COVID-19 guidelines and met the high standards required to be accredited the industry mark from the AA and Visit Britain.

We have taken the best advice to ensure everything is in place for a visit that will be as safe as it will be enjoyable, as some freedoms return whilst some safety measures remain.

The measures apply to guests and everybody working at the Spa.

The spa and hotel management, responsible for Covid-19 measures, will be pleased to discuss them with you.

As per government guidelines and to facilitate your next visit to Hartwell House & Spa/Hartwell Spa, may we suggest that you download the NHS Covid-19 application on your mobile phone, ahead of your arrival.   

All information and links can be found on

You will be required to ‘check-in’ using this option when you enter the Hall/the Spa.  

Swimming pool and spa bath at Hartwell House
Hartwell Spa courtyard

Spa Members and Guests

  • Spa members may use the Spa at any time by appointment, and member exclusively by appointment from 7.30am to 9.30am and from 6pm onwards. Hotel guests may visit the Spa between 9.15am to 6pm, and in all cases on a one in one out basis and by appointment for a visit of 1hr 30mins maximum duration.
  • We are unable to accommodate a visit without a confirmed appointment, including for spa members.
  • Spa members and guests over the age of 18 years may use the Spa.
  • Please complete and return a health questionnaire the day before your visit, including if there are changes in your circumstances or travel from abroad.
  • A temperature check is available upon your arrival.
  • We recommend face coverings are used in hallways and public areas of the Spa.
  • No handshakes, please!
  • Hand sanitiser is available for use at strategic points.
  • Please respect social distancing in the Spa.
  • Please return locker keys to the key box at Spa Reception.
  • Special cleaning and sanitisation of public areas and touch surfaces will take place by staff.
  • Your account will be presented electronically, and card payments are preferred.
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Spa bath and Pool at Hartwell Spa

Spa Services, Changing Rooms and Treatments

  • The Saunas and Steam Room will be in operation allowing two people at one time, or guests from the same household.
  • The Spa bath will be in operation, allowing two people in the spa bath at one time, or guests from the same household, with 15-minute sessions.
  • The Gymnasium will be booked by appointment, allowing two people only, or more from a single household, to use it for maximum 1 hour.
  • Please respect social distancing at the Spa Reception, in the changing rooms, poolside and on the sun terrace.
  • The Hartwell Cafe will reopen on 23rd August from 10.30am to 3pm offering a coffee and cakes menu.
  • A treatment selection is available, and is shown on the Spa treatment page of our website.
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Guests relaxing beside the pool at Hartwell House and Spa

Spa Visitor Health

  • The health and safety of all our visitors are our main concern.
  • Please bring with you the health questionnaire in advance of your visit.
  • Please do not visit the Spa/hotel, even if you have a booking, if you feel in any way unwell.
  • If taken ill at the Spa, spa visitors should depart, hotel guests return to their room, self-isolate and contact hotel management. If it is necessary for guests to return home, any balance of your reservation will be refunded.
  • Please wash hands and sanitise regularly. Hand-washing by guest and therapist will be a part of every treatment.
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Aerial view of Hartwell in autumn

Our Staff, Contractors and Suppliers are committed to guest safety, and:

  • Staff will wear face masks in the treatment rooms.
  • Will not attend if not well.
  • Will wash hands frequently.
  • Will sanitise hands frequently.
  • Will use PPE as directed. Therapists will wear visors in all treatments.
  • Will practise social distancing.
  • Will attend site only when expected in advance.
  • Will complete a questionnaire pre-arrival on request, and undertake any health check requested.
  • Suppliers will not enter building unless agreed.
  • Suppliers will not use lavatories on the premises.
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