November 'Treatment of the Month'

Return to nature and feel restored from the stress of modern-day living.


This spa ritual created by Aromatherapy Associates will help you feel restored from the stresses of modern-day living, cleansed of pollution and relieved of restlessness and agitation. 

Starting with a cleansing, guided inhalation and tension releasing long, deep massage, followed with a warm grounding mud mask to recharge through the hands and feet. This relaxing treatment concludes, restoring tranquility to the mind with our expert scalp massage.

FULL BODY, SCALP & FACIAL - 85 minutes: Massage focused on the back, legs, abdomen and scalp. Hotel stone placement, warm mud mask to hands and feet. Facial treatment featuring exfoliation, mud mask and pressure point massage.

BODY & SCALP - 55 minutes: massage focused on the back, legs and scalp, with warm mud mask to hands and feet.

Price 85-mins £118; 55-mins £91

Or phone the Spa team on T: +44 (0)1296 746500