Stowe House & Gardens

Located 45 minutes by road from Hartwell House

This National Trust Garden is gardening on the grandest scale and the beauty of Stowe has attracted visitors for over 300 years. Picture-perfect views, winding paths, lakeside walks and temples create a timeless landscape, reflecting the changing seasons.  Full of hidden meaning, the gardens were created as an earthly paradise and still cast their spell today.

In the eighteenth century, the powerful Temple-Grenville family chose to create an idyllic landscape filled with temples. Amidst these large gardens, they built the most lavish temple of all, Stowe House. This temple was so grand that even Queen Victoria was bewildered by its interiors. Filled with rooms imitating ancient worlds and classical ruins, the House reflects the flamboyant and colourful characters of its creators. Ceilings and walls decorated with hidden messages and mythology hint at the family’s former power and glory.

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